Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring is in the Air! (Paula)


Guess what? 2 more midterms down, so 2 to go! Both next week, unfortunately, and 2 evenings in a row, but it'll be nice to have a free weekend after :). This week's agenda: 1 lab, 2 assignments. Not too bad, but seriously so hard to focus with this amazing weather!! Today it's supposed to be 17 degrees and sunny, and I'm free as of 1pm. Much more appealing to go for a run on the Hamilton-Brantford rail trail (which conveniently runs behind my house) and then lounge in the sun, don't you think? But odds are I'll have to at least bring a little work outside with me, as I did on Sunday studying for my heat transfer midterm:

Best way to study, eh? Smoothie, picnic blanket, and sunshine! Oh, and books ;). I have a great backyard to hang out in, actually - it has a reasonably-sized deck, and a 2-level grassy area with stairs and an arbor in between! Very enticing to go outside :)

Anyway, enjoy the day everyone! And the rest of your March Break week, for that matter. Let's cross our fingers for continued temperatures about 15 degrees! :D


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I'm baaack! (Paula)

Hey guys!

Long time no's been a busy month! Let me start off by saying my "reading" week holiday was absolutely superb, with a few days of glorious skiing in Quebec with some friends. Considering the totally weird winter we've been having, I was actually really happy to see snow ... and play in the snow...and build in the snow...and throw the snow! I bet you're all looking forward to your March Break next week - any cool plans? Feel free to comment below!

Unfortunately, now that reading week is over exams loom ahead...yikes! Unlike last term, though, I have some decent space between each exam - mostly because I start on the first day and end on the last day! You might think this might be like THE worst thing ever, but actually I'm happy to have time to study for everything. There's nothing worse than working really hard all semester and then having several exams crammed into not nearly enough days. Personally, I like to be able to focus on one at a time - and April's schedule will mostly allow me to do that :D. So wish me luck!

More importantly, engineering welcome week representative (also known as "redsuit") tryouts are happening right now! That means that all of the redsuit hopefuls for September 2012 are currently strutting their stuff hoping to be selected to welcome you to our campus in a few months' time. Redsuits tend to be really outgoing and excitable, as you'll certainly see if you come join us at Mac Eng!

Above: A friend and I playing in the snow in our redsuits!

Anyway...back to the grind! Still 4 midterms, 6 assignments, and 1 report to do before the end of term...but who's counting right?! :P

Peace out lake trouts!